Abby Scheuerman

Graphic and Web Design

Lantern Press

Retail Website Redesign

It has been many years since the Lantern Press retail website has been updated. As of now, it is a default Shopify template, so I was tasked to come up with a fresh new design that encompassed how the brand has evolved over the years as well as create an effortless shopping experience for customers.

Mobile Prototype

I created this mobile prototype in Figma after figuring out the UI of the entire website in order to perform user testing and to communicate the desired functions to the developer.

Process: Wireframes

At the beginning of this project, team and I gathered examples from other retail company websites with specific functionalities that would benefit the Lantern Press customer. Then, utilizing the data from our research and informed by the chosen Shopify template, I designed wireframes for the home page, search results, product page, shopping cart etc.

More Work